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A Healthy Perspective on Eating Oven-Cooked Food

meat with vegetables

Large portions can intervene with proper digestion.

It’s great that an ever-growing number of people are interested in healthy clean eating oven-cooked foods and change their nutritional habits. I myself also went that long road years ago, without even supposing how many challenges are lurking. At the beginning, I thought it’s just a matter of strong will to throw out of my menu the bad foods, which I gorged on and simply adored.

My first experiments ended unsuccessfully after the second week and only after a year I said that I am a vegetarian. I increased drastically dairy products in my menu and, at the same time, I always stumbled upon contradictory theories on meat. Including a really respected book author on self-reflection and self-conscience, with whom I had the chance to meet, told me that humans eat meat from thousands of years ago and taking it out of the menu can cause serious brain damage. Let’s add the theory of the blood groups, too – mine is actually that of a predator.

So, continuing with my worries and eating more and more diary, I “accidentally” read about the harmful effects of those products. I reduced them and, since I didn’t have any other option, turned to cereal. I ate buckwheat, quinoa, beans, rice, manna croup. The daily digestive problems I thought were due to the change and synchronising to the new regime. Like it wasn’t enough, I added a grapefruit juice as means of detoxification, although my organism doesn’t accept citrus fruits for a long time.

Two months later, when I just literally wanted to cry, because of the constant acids and the lack of energy, I started hearing about fasting and raw foods. Now comes my next step – two days of fasting, then raw fruits and veggies, smoothies, I stopped the coffee, the sweets and the glass of wine. After two months I was 45 kg, went through three virus infections, with constant digestive problems and monstrously angry because of the restrictions. I thought about food all the time and, gradually, started to include some “forbidden” foods, followed by constantly self-blaming.

After the next two infections, which I spent on my bed, I literally threw away all books and tips and started eating what I like. I didn’t feel better, even on the contrary, I felt worse, but gradually, things got into rhythm and I finally reached the balance. I don’t speak against healthy eating at all, I got a lot of benefits from it, alongside the negatives – a cleaner skin, a clean of toxins organism, but the most important, that I got was the lesson that every single person is unique and I will share now my views with you:

Troubleless digestion of oven-cooked foods

80% of the immune system cells are in the digestive tract, because there’s nothing more important than breaking down the food we intake, all the rest comes second. Even the healthiest food turns into poison, if it cannot degrade and get absorbed. If you have a well-functioning digestive system, your health will be in a good condition, even if the others don’t approve of your diet. The easy absorption of food is also boosted by the good metabolism, physical activity and the harmonic view on life. Unprocessed emotions and living in negativism influence negatively on digestion. If you are under stress, eat less and more often foods with one or two components and, most importantly, find solutions to your problems.

Meat and its implementation in the diet

A part of the vegetarians are such because of their morals, other believe that meat is highly intoxicated – the higher the food chain, the more toxins. The meat also contains compounds, that lay in the arteries. Animals are bred in an unknown way and fed on who knows what, whereas we eat it afterwards. A lot of meat in the menu obstructs our organisms from absorbing calcium and makes the body environment acidic – a reason for all kinds of diseases to develop (the healthy environment should be slightly alkaloid). In addition, the stress of the way of living and the mortifying is hidden in the animal’s muscles, whereas on a metaphysical plan we take in that negative energy as well.

Yet, if we love meat, twice or two times per week we can safely eat it without any worries, especially garnished with more vegetables. And, if we have the opportunity to feed on meat with trusted origin, it’s even much better. The meat is recommended for people who have too slim a figure or too worrying a character. People with bright mind, because it brings quality Yin energy in their Yang characteristics.

Diary products


In case you are lactose tolerant, dairy can be good for your health in moderate amounts.

If they are of good quality, diary products also bring Yin balance and they are appropriate for the Yang type people. The question here is, that the manufacturing process changed them a lot and, in their current form they bring more damage than good – they create mucus in the organism, which obstructs its proper work. Fresh milk in the convenient store is pasteurized, which prolongs their expiry date, but deprives them of their beneficial qualities. Fat-free is totally not recommended, due to the drastic treatment it underwent. Yoghurt is beneficial, if done right. Cheese with trusted origin, in small amounts, won’t be bad for us either. Diary products create acidic environment in the body, that’s way it’s good to combine them with vegetables (alkaloid) and not with meat or bread. Some people have lactose intolerance and can’t degrade them. If you happen to be one of them, better remove them from your menu. You can get calcium from vegetables, too.

Sweets and their place within our diet

orange cake

The occasional sweets are not that dangerous. Better yet – cook them at home, with trusted ingredients.

Refined carbohydrates do not bring anything useful into our organism – they directly turn into fat and stick on the most inappropriate places. If you are treating a disease at the moment, stopping the refined carbohydrates will help your treatment a lot, but if you are in good health, you can eat them moderately with a few tips in mind. Always pick home-made cake, better from your grandmother or mother, a friend, someone who loves you. That’s also a reason for you to learn how to cook sweets. There are many recipes for cakes made of nuts and dried fruits, coconut oil, honey and all kinds of delicious healthy stuff.

If you don’t have the chance for something home-cooked or healthy, there comes the turn of store-bought fresh cakes and pastries. Packaged sweets, such as waffles, biscuits, chocolate (dark one is an exception), muffins, etc., buy just in extreme cases. In addition to the preservatives and colouring agents, the fats used in the preparation are insoluble and sedate in your organism. Refined carbohydrates influence negatively the alkaloid environment with their strong acidification. After all, if someone treats your kid a waffle, do not come down on them like a falcon, because health is not about getting maniacal, whereas it’s about getting sensible information. What’s more, the forbidden fruit is the sweetest…

Roasted Coffee

coffee spilled beans

Are you addicted?

A cup of coffee a day doesn’t do anything wrong, except if you are one of those on which coffee causes dramatic effects. Coffee and alcohol are number 1 in the table with acidic foods, so that drink water and fresh juices to compensate. The bad thing about coffee is that we use it as a stimulus in inappropriate moments and we overlook the body signals for rest. Coffee leads to addiction, too, whereas every addiction thrives on your living power. If we stop the coffee and we have headache, that means we were addicted. After all, true coffee is better than D-caff one – there’s no such drink in nature, whereas the chemicals, that help extracting the caffeine are much worse than the caffeine itself in moderate amounts.

A brief insight into raw foods

pepper being cut

Raw foods (mostly vegetables and fruits) have the biggest amount of healthy nutrients preserved.

Eating raw foods saved the lives and health of many people. Foods are maximally close to their natural appearance, all fibres are preserved, vitamins, apart from that, there aren’t all those packaged foods with all their negatives, there’s no “acidic” meat and other animal products, as a whole, the alkaloid environment is benefited by the vegetables and the fruits. The high amount of water in the food prevents dehydration

There’s a huge “but” though… not everyone is capable of digesting raw food well. We already discussed the consequences of bad digestion. If you happen to be one of them, just increase the percentage of food and veggies, although oven cooked, eat vegetable soups, lower the meat and diary products, as well as refined carbohydrates – white flower, white bread, white sugar, white rice, white spaghetti.

Make sure you eat balanced food – if you were at your friends today, who had their oven working all day and you got served a really huge meal, restore your balance with lighter food the other day. Sometimes our minds lie to us that we really want to eat something, whereas afterwords the stomach-ache and the loss of energy gives off the sad truth that it wasn’t true.

Sweets are a good example – their appearance and flavour delude us how much we want them, but after the short-lived euphoria, we suddenly get sleepy and we can’t work properly. The body is always honest with you. Treat it with conscious choices, not mechanical. If you ate junk food today, let it be a conscious choice and don’t do it tomorrow. And remember – there aren’t poison foods, there are just poisonous amounts.

In any case, having a home-made meal every day will inevitably result in your kitchen getting dirtier and dirtier. Thus, you need to take care of yours and your family health on a different level – by providing a hygienic and microbe-free food preparation area. That means cleaning the oven, its chamber, racks and trays, as well as other parts, such as cook-tops and grills. Clean and maintain them on a regular basis, which will inevitably result in tastier meals, less preparation time and a odourless athmosphere after cooking.