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Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Service in London

Any domestic property needs to be refreshed in the best possible way. The regular maintenance of the floors and appliances is essential for a healthy lifestyle. But if there is one thing that can raise your London property’s value, that is the tile and grout cleaning. Sadly this proves to be very time consuming and hard to achieve the desired results by yourself. Our tile cleaning service includes cleaning of all types of tiles inside and outside of the house with effective professional detergents. The tile cleaning service fits all people who wish to refresh their home or get a better price when lending or selling.

Tile Cleaning Benefits for Our London Customers

  1. Service performed by professional, insured and certified cleaners;
  2. Efficient tile cleaning methods;
  3. Eco-friendly detergents;
  4. Extinction of all germs or harmful bacteria;
  5. The tile cleaning can increase your London property value.

The London Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Includes:

  • The Inside the house – all kitchen, bathroom, splashback, counters, floor and wall tiles and fridge and freezers;
  • Outside the house – BBQ & Grill wall tiles;
  • Detergents – the cleaning solutions are picked for their high efficiency. They remove all harmful bacteria and germs from the tiles and the grout.
  • Professional cleaners – the cleaners are extensively trained to clean all types of tiles and grouts that are inside the house (kitchen, bathroom, tiled floors and walls) or outside near the BBQ. The London cleaners are fully vetted and fully insured.

Special Tile Cleaning technique:

The following tile cleaning procedure is observed regardless if the tiles are inside or outside the house:

  1. The tiles are dusted and wiped to remove the fallen dirt and dust on them.
  2. The surfaces are sprayed with cleaning detergent and left for a few minutes for the detergent to soak and soften the filth.
  3. Removing the dirt is usually performed manually, where the cleaners hand-scrub off the filth. The tile cleaning could be performed with a rotating scraper with brushes. That way the brush removes the dirt and grime from the tiles.
  4. All taps, pipes and metal parts are sprayed with a cleaning solution that removes lime scale, rust and stains.
  5. When the filth is removed, the tiles are rinsed with water and dried with paper towels.
  6. The surfaces are polished.

Tile & Grout Cleaning and Other Services We Offer

  • Extend the Deep Kitchen Cleaning service you booked by just 2 hrs and make not just the tiles, but your whole bathroom shine.
  • When booking Tile & Grout cleaning, you can also request Mastic man or silicon re-sealing of the grout. Those small fixes can refresh the tiles and when the grout cannot be cleaned with the standard method.
  • Book a Tile and Grout cleaning with Professional Oven Cleaning and have your tile splashback spotless along with the stove and the oven.

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