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ECO FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS Pregnancy and pet safe
USE YOUR APPLIANCES RIGHT AWAY Oven is safe to use and fully operational
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  • Naomi Crawford

    With two small kids, it’s important for me to have the whole kitchen cleaned with natural cleaners and that is why i hire your company. Good for you.

  • Andrew Lewis

    Absolutely brilliant job. The two cleaners that came were professional and did a great job. After the party last night, that was what the kitchen needed. I might throw another party soon :).

  • Cameron O’Neill

    I really wanted to impress my wife so i hired these guys and they left the kitchen sparkling. My wife was really happy.

  • Charles

    Great oven cleaning service. Really glad with the results.

  • Tegan O’Sullivan

    Really glad i hired you guys. The kitchen would have taken me ages to clean. Great job.

  • Phoebe Giles

    Good work and high quality. The cleaners needed a few minutes to park but other from that they were very professional.

  • Alicia Wood

    I ordered kitchen cleaning and the job the cleaners did was great. The fridge, the bbq, the oven and everything else look great now.

  • Fredrick Austin

    For me, the oven cleaning had always been an easy thing to do. After I saw how the professionals do it, i’m not so sure any more. These guys disassembled the whole machine and cleaned it inside out. Impressive! Thank you for the great job, people.

  • Donna Dortha

    Thanks to your great work, the whole kitchen looks great now. Thank you.

  • Jenifer Moore

    Really glad with the service. The cleaners delivered just what i expected. Positive results and affordable prices.

  • Jeremy Johnson

    Really glad i hired you! All the appliances are spotless. Great job guys!

  • Demi Clark

    Great work from the cleaners and very polite girl on the phone. Definitely better then the rest of the companies.

  • Freya Howard

    Pretty impressive job. The cleaners who came to my home – a boy and a girl did a great job. They were very professional.

  • Victoria Joyce

    Good results, kind cleaners and positive attitude as a whole.

  • Louise Stone

    Great oven cleaning service by the professionals. Really impressive stuff.

  • Mollie Manning

    Wonderful tips on the blog and equally good services. My kitchen looks better now. My husband thinks to hire you for the bbq too. Great job.

  • Aveline Lorena

    I’m not a girl which hires professionals for the cleaning. However, I really couldn’t deal with the grease on the oven the last time. I hired Furzedown oven cleaners. I don’t have slight regrets now. The machine looks like new. Thank you.

  • Jane

    Great quality and good price for the oven cleaning. I’m glad i hired you! Good job

  • Cameron Wells

    Very good job with the cleaning. The fridge and the oven look better now.

  • Chloe McLean

    Really good job. I though the grease cannot be cleaned but you proved me wrong. Great job.

  • Jasmine Green

    I really think the job you did was good. The oven is old so i don’t expect it to look brand new, but it’s clean now and the awful smell is gone. I like that.

  • Danielle Charlton

    Good perfomance and affordable prices. Well done.

  • Jane Richards

    Great job, guys. The oven really looks amazing after the clean!

  • Katherine Saunders

    High quality performance from the cleaners. Kind and polite as well. Very good job guys.

  • John McKean

    The guys did a brilliant job on the oven and worked really hard.

  • Abby Fuller

    Great cleaning quality and pretty professional. Good job.

  • Margaret Clarkson

    Great value for money and high quality service. Thank You very much.

  • John O’Brien

    Good service. The cleaners came on time and performed well.

  • Abigail Holloway

    Good positive approach and affordable prices. Pleased with the final results as well. Well done.

  • Bethany Pickering

    Good and high quality job. The bbq looks well cleaned and polished.

  • Ellie Holloway

    I needed cleaning during the weekend and your company offers just that. Great quality and very convenient.  Thank you!

  • Debby Inez

    I really like to clean but rarely have time for it. That is why I often call oven cleaning professionals to help. The last time, the oven was particularly dirty due to the past holidays. You guys once again impressed me. Thank you very much.

  • Abbie Cole

    Good work and cleaning. The guys who cleaned the house were very professional.

  • Scarlett Rahman

    Great oven cleaning. I used the oven right away and it’s all fine. Good job.

  • Erin Waters

    Perfect timing and great service quality. The whole kitchen looks much better now. My husband was impressed. Thank you for that!

  • Scarlett Smart

    My kids tried to surprise me and my husband with a dinner but the whole kitchen looked terrible after their efforts. Thank you for helping me cleaning the cooker, the fridge and the whole kitchen.

  • Isobel Harris

    Great oven cleaning and professional attitude. Good job guys.

  • Alice Connor

    I needed cleaners for the weekend, just before my guests to arrive. You guys did the job just right. My guests were impressed 🙂 Thank you!

  • Tamarah Jenkins

    Great dedication and professionalism from the oven cleaners. Thanks again!

  • Jammie O’Sullivan

    Great service on affordable price. I’m glad i hired you guys and will hire you again next time. Good job!

  • Jude Weston

    I love my kids but when they cook the kitchen is a mess. I’m glad i hired you guys. You saved me tons of work. Good job.

  • Demi Kirby

    The bloke you send was really professional, i have to say. Good job and high quality. Well done.

  • Alexandra Cross

    Really great guys. The girl on the phone was kind and helpful and even though i was available just one day in the week, they’ve managed to make their schedule right. Good job.

  • Victoria Johnson

    I have a double oven, a huge fridge with a freezer and a bbq. The cleaners cleaned all of them and really great.

  • Henry Browne

    Great quality, fast cleaning and precise. That’t how i like it.

  • Chelsea Iqbal

    I hired you because of the green cleaning and that’s exactly what i got. Great, environmentally and pet safe service. Good for you!

  • Mariah Jefferson

    Great work! The Cleaners were also kind and friendly. The oven and the whole kitchen look like new now.

  • Lauren Price

    Great cleaning service. They came with their cleaning equipment, they were on time and did the job look easy.

  • Sarah Lawrence

    The job that the cleaners did was amazing. They were also polite which for me is very important. Would definitely recommend.

  • Eryn Michelle

    With 3 little ones in the house I should be cautious with the cleaning solutions. That’s why I always rely on your services for the oven cleaning. Never had a single issue with the kids so far. Thank you for the great professionalism.

  • Monica Brendon

    I find interesting and useful information every time when i need it or when i just want to learn something new.

  • Garry May

    I’ve used the oven cleaning and the fridge cleaning service and i’m glad to report they are with great quality.

  • Nena Bette

    I tried to impress my husband with great meals but I couldn’t. Instead, I made a mess in the kitchen. Thank you for the fast help. When he came back home from his business trip, the whole kitchen and the oven were as clean as new. He was impressed 🙂

  • Ryder Martie

    Not only the oven and the fridge are cleaner now, but I paid less than I used to pay for the same service with other companies. Thank you for the professional service.

  • Olivia Myers

    I had to prepare for the summer so i needed the bbq cleaned. The cleaners not only promised but delivered. Great job.

  • Scarlett Wong

    Really satisfied with the service and the final results. Great work and very kind staff. Thank you!

  • Lennox Jervis

    The Christmas night was amazing but the day after wasn’t. All the cleaning in the world and me home alone. That’s why I called Ealing Common oven cleaners. Thank you for the great help. I needed it a lot.

  • Hollie Shaw

    High quality cleaning service. Fast and precise. Very impressed.

  • Ellis Kirby

    The lovely couple who came to my house were great. They did a fantastic job.

  • Jeremy James

    The cleaners did a great job. They were on time, cleaned the kitchen fast, were polite and kind. Their English was not so good but the job they did was really worth it. I’m glad i hired you. Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Finley Newton

    Great cleaning service and affordable prices. Good job.

  • Tahmir Jackson

    Good work. I am happy with the speed and the quality of the work.

  • Harriet Brookes

    The cleaners came with their equipment and i just left them in the kitchen to do their job. Really good quality job and kind people.

  • Aaron Flynn

    Quality, speed and fixed rates. There were no unpleasant surprises and additional charges. Great work!

  • Alisha Andrews

    Good service, reasonable pricing and kind cleaners. Well done!

  • Madison Wells

    Good, high quality cleaning service. The prices are affordable and what you get for the money makes the service a bargain.

  • Eve Connor

    Very professional and fast cleaning. They did exactly what i expected and i was pleased with the results.

  • Lucian Benj

    I’ve never thought about how complicated the oven cleaning might actually be. Really impressed by what you guys did in my home. Congratulations.

  • Peyton Bennett

    This St. Valentine I decided to cook for my girlfriend and she loved it. The cleaning which came on the next day, I didn’t like. However, you guys did it fast and using green cleaning solutions, which was very important for me. I appreciate it!

  • Alisha Day

    Great service, good quality cleaning and exactly on time. Would recommend.

  • Richard May

    Great work. The cleaners did a good job. I can recommend them.

  • Russel Biff

    After the party in my home, only the great help of professional kitchen cleaners was able to save the look of the place. Thank you for doing it.