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THE Fridge Cleaning Service in London

Our fridge and freezer cleaning service in London can help you remove the bad smell from your kitchen appliance and more importantly make it germs free, thus safer to your health. The fridge cleaning service is provided by fully vetted and insured cleaners. The cleaning is performed with child and pet safe detergents and methods. Leave the heavy-lifting to us and spend more time with your loved ones!

We advice our London clients to combine the fridge/freezer cleaning service with Oven cleaning to safe additionally. By choosing to book the complex deep kitchen cleaning service you will make your entire kitchen spotless.

Benefits of the London Professional Fridge & Freezer Cleaning

  • Good smell
  • Safe food
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Affordable price
  • Professional cleaners

We also offer oven cleaning in London and bbq cleaning.

How is the Fridge Cleaning performed?

Prior to the fridge cleaning service

Upon booking the refrigerator cleaning service, our call centre operator will remind you to turn off the fridge or the freezer few hours prior to the service. This way the appliance will have enough time to defrost. We remind you to place towels in front and under the appliance to capture the water.

How do the cleaners clean your fridge:

  1. The cleaners will start with removing the food from the fridge. It is standard procedure to throw away the spoiled food. Upon request, the cleaners will not do this.
  2. The cleaner will take out the removable parts from your fridge (all shelves and drawers from the fridge and the door) and spray them with cleaning solution.
  3. The inside of the fridge is sprayed with eco-friendly cleaning solution. The rubber protectors are also cleaned.
  4. All removable parts are washed from the filth and rinsed by hand. The cleaners will never put the removable parts in the washing machine. They are cleaned by hand to avoid damage.
  5. The fridge inside is wiped with towels until the last traces of cleaning solution are removed.
  6. The removable parts are dried and returned to their places.
  7. The food is placed back inside the fridge. While doing so, the professional cleaners wipe everything to remove the traces of spilled food and avoid stains on the cleaned surfaces.
  8. The fridge is turned on and cleaned on the outside.

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