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Commercial and Domestic Oven Cleaning Service in London

Qualified Oven Cleaner London

Our professional oven cleaning service in London is bound to provide you with remarkable results. Expertise and reliability is what takes our company to the next level. Let us bring b ack the shine of your appliance and enjoy the benefits.

  • Prolonged life of your cooker
  • Better heat distribution and energy efficiency
  • Tastier meals
  • Enjoyable culinary experience

Why Choose Professional Oven Care?

  • Fully insured, trained and experienced professional oven cleaners
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support team
  • Same day, 7 days a week availability including holidays
  • Ready to use appliance immediately after the procedure
  • Fixed rates and no hidden taxes
  • FREE Teflon oven liner for every oven and BBQ cleaning service

Professional Oven Care covers all areas in London.

Amongst the wide variety of cleaning services we offer, we are best known for our oven valeting service. Let us introduce you to how we actually perform it.

Cleaning Quality Inspection
  • We start with a free inspection of your cooker. The technician makes sure everything works properly and lets you know how long the cleaning procedure will take.
  • In order to guarantee that there is no mess left behind, we cover the area around your oven with linen sheets and also put on protective shoes.
  • Proceeding next, the technician disassembles all removable parts and dips them in a tank full of specialised degreasing solution.
  • In the meantime, the expert will gently scrape off the accumulated grime in your oven until it’s clean as a new one.
  • Once the dirt loosens up, the cleaner will scrape off any grease residue from all disassembled parts.
  • After that, the professional ensures that every part of your appliance is dry and clean to perfection.
  • At the end, he assembles your oven and test runs it. You will be ready to use it immediately.

Additional details:

  • We clean all types and sizes of ovens from every manufacturer, including the most popular ones – Rangemaster, Rayburn, Stanley, Smeg and many more.
  • The cleaners use a dip tank cleaning method for maximum efficiency. All detachable parts are soaked in high end detergent.
  • After the procedure, it is recommended to turn on your cooker while empty, for about 15 minutes. This is done as to evaporate any excess moisture from your appliance.
  • Hot water and electricity is required in order to perform the service.
  • You can combine domestic oven cleaning with hob and extractor cleaning and receive a discount!
  • Oven Shelf Guard – the protective oven shelf guards will keep you safe from high-temperature burns. You can purchase 1 Oven Shelf Guard at the price of £9.

Frequently Asked Questions for Professional Oven Care London:

Q: Can you clean between the glass of the cooker’s door?
A: Yes. It is a standard process we follow if it can be disassembled.

Q: What is the cost of a professional oven cleaning service?
A: Prices vary, depending on the size of your appliance. Please, check our Deals & Prices page for further clarification.

Q: How long does it take for the service to be performed?
A: It really depends on the size of the cooker and its condition. For example, cleaning a single oven with 2 racks is usually done in not more than an hour. On the other hand, if it’s a big master range, it may take up to 3 hours. The technician will provide you with a precise time frame on spot.

Q: Do you bring any necessary equipment?
A: Yes, the technician will bring both equipment and detergents.

Q: How long do I have to wait in order to use my oven?
A: You will be able to use your cooker immediately after the cleaning procedure. We only recommend turning it on empty for 15 minutes to evaporate any moisture left inside.

Q: What is the oven liner used for?
A: The oven liner can be used to protect the bottom of your oven from grease build-ups and burned bits of food. You just need to simply put it on the bottom of your cooker. It can also be put directly on the BBQ or Oven grills – it is food safe and you can cook on it.

Q: Does the oven liner require any maintenance?
It is recommended to clean it frequently. Luckily, it can easily be washed with hot, soapy water or directly in the dishwasher. It should not be used in ovens with temperatures above 250°C.

Q: How do I use the oven shelf guard?
A: The oven shelf guard is used to protect you from burning yourself when reaching into the oven. It is easily attached to the front of the shelf. It is also easily cleanable by either using soapy water or putting it in the dishwasher.

Q: What oven cleaning services does Professional Oven Care London offer?
A: We provide comprehensive oven cleaning services, tackling grease, grime, and stubborn residues for a spotless oven.

Q: How often should I have my oven professionally cleaned?
A: The frequency depends on usage, but generally, we recommend a professional cleaning every 6-12 months to maintain optimal performance.

Q: Do I need to prepare my oven before your service?
A: We appreciate it if the oven is cool, but no extensive preparation is required. Our team is equipped to handle the entire cleaning process.

Q: Are your cleaning products safe for my oven and kitchen?
A: Yes, we use industry-approved, safe, and eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure the health and safety of your oven and kitchen.

Q: How long does a typical oven cleaning session take?
A: The duration varies based on the oven’s size and condition, but our efficient team strives to complete the service promptly, typically within 1-2 hours.

Q: Can you clean different types of ovens, including built-in and standalone models?
A: Yes, our professional oven cleaning services cater to a variety of oven types, including built-in, standalone, and range ovens.

Q: Do I need to be at home during the oven cleaning service?
A: While it’s not mandatory, we recommend someone being present to provide access and discuss any specific concerns or preferences.

Q: Can you remove tough stains and burnt-on residues from my oven?
A: Absolutely. Our cleaning process is designed to tackle even the toughest stains and burnt-on residues, restoring your oven to its best condition.

Q: What areas in London does Professional Oven Care cover?
A: We serve various areas in London. Contact us to inquire about our service availability in your specific location.

Q: Is there a warranty or guarantee on your oven cleaning services?
A: Yes, we stand behind the quality of our services. We offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure you are pleased with the results.

Q: How can I book an oven cleaning service with Professional Oven Care London?
A: Booking is easy! Simply contact us via phone or email, and our friendly team will assist you in scheduling a convenient time for your oven cleaning service.

Have in mind that the oven shelf guard should not be used for temperatures over 250°C. In case of misuse, we can’t be held responsible.

Additional services we offer:

  • Fridge and freezer cleaning – Are you dealing with mould in your fridge? Bad smell from your freezer? Let us bring an end to those frustrating experiences. No matter the brand, the size or the condition of your refrigerator, we can clean it and make it work and look better.
  • BBQ cleaning – Whether you’re preparing for a party or just wish to renew your barbecue, our service will leave it spotless. Sit back, relax and let us bring back the shine of your BBQ. We clean any type and size.
  • Deep kitchen cleaning – The kitchen is an essential part of every person’s home. For obvious reasons, hygiene should be kept at a high level. If you are in need of a professional oven cleaning, you may also want to benefit from our full kitchen cleaning service.
  • We offer deep kitchen sanitisation, too, at the price of £25 when combined with oven cleaning. The service includes disinfection of all kitchen surfaces with a strong anti-virucidal detergent. The only thing you need to do is to clear all kitchen tops and shelves, you need cleaned, from cutlery and other items, prior to the service, and vacate the room for one hour after the service.

It is time to have your oven shining again! Give us a call on 020 3746 3123 or book your service online!