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Deep Kitchen Cleaning in London

Our clients are real estate agencies, landlords, tenants, busy housewives, housekeepers and all people, who have no time to clean their kitchen on a regular basis and desire professional results. That is why we offer to our London customers the Deep Kitchen Cleaning Service. Let us help you with this time consuming task.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning Benefits exclusively for our London Clients

  1. Hourly based deep kitchen cleaning service;oven cleaning professional beginning to work
  2. Cleaners follow customer priorities;
  3. Same day service performed 7 days a week;
  4. Detergents and equipment are provided if requested previously by the client;
  5. Service is performed by professional cleaners;

Steps of the Deep Kitchen Cleaning Service

  • The detergents and equipment for the deep kitchen cleaning are provided only if ordered. Upon booking the client should state if he/she wishes for the cleaners to use his/hers detergents and equipment or bring their own.
  • The professional detergents the expert cleaners use are not sold over the counter and are picked for their efficiency and for being child and pet safe.
  • Our London clients can book the one off kitchen cleaning service as a part of a spring cleaning, one-time service, or as a regular service.
  • Deep kitchen cleaning is performed by extensively trained professional cleaners. The technique they use is cleaning all appliances and surfaces top-to-bottom, inside and out.
  • What makes the kitchen cleaning different than any other service is that the cleaners follow the client’s priorities. This way they first attend to the areas and kitchen appliances that are most important to the client.
  • The service is hourly based and performed 7 days a week.

You can also check our tile and grout cleaning or take advantage of our main service – oven cleaning.

Here is The Deep Kitchen Cleaning Process:

  1. The spider webs are removed from all corners and the ceiling of your kitchen.
  2. Dust or wipe inside and out (front and all sides) the cupboards, furniture, kitchen counters, light switches, handles, doors, doorways.
  3. The kitchen windows are cleaned on the inside. All frames and sills are dusted or wiped depending on their type and condition.dip tank oven cleaning london
  4. The cleaners attend to the fridge & freezer and clean them inside and out (front and all sides). When cleaning the fridge, it is a standard procedure that all spoiled food is thrown away.
  5. Professional cleaners clean the oven inside and out (front and all sides). When cleaning a stove, the cooktop is also washed. Extractor cleaning service is available for booking with the professional oven cleaning service.
  6. The cleaners will wash the microwave, washing machine and dishwasher inside and out (front and all sides).
  7. The sink and taps will be sprayed with detergent and scraped to remove limescale, stains and dirt. Add the Tile and Grout Cleaning Service to the Deep Kitchen Cleaning  and have all tiles in your house shine.
  8. The kitchen floor is hoovered and wiped with a mop.

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