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Get Professional BBQ & Grill Cleaning in London

No food tastes better than the one prepared in a freshly cleaned BBQ. Leave the dirty work to the professional bbq cleaners in London and simply enjoy the day. In no time and at little cost your BBQ & Grill will be spotless and ready for your next party.

Extraordinarly BBQ Cleaning Benefits to Our London Clients

  • Professional cleaners

The BBQ cleaning service is performed by fully vetted and insured cleaners. They are extensively trained in cleaning all types of Grills (Gas, Charcoal, Hooded), Smokers, barbecues (Kettle BBQ, Kamado, Portable barbecue), Spit Roaster, and BBQ Pits.

  • Nature-friendly detergents

All cleaning solutions are eco-friendly, child and pet safe. The detergents are specially picked to be efficient in cleaning Barbeques and consumer safe. They remove all hazardous bacteria and mildew.

  • Efficient deep cleaning method

The technology chosen for our customers in London provides amazing results even for the highest standards.

  • You can Use your cleaned BBQ right away

One of the greatest benefits of our BBQ cleaning methods is that you can start cooking right after the service is done.

  • Extended life of the barbecue or the grill

Clean your BBQ or Grill right after use and keep it covered in a storage room. This way you will preserve it for a longer use.

We also can clean your entire kitchen and we cover all of the British capital, including South London, North London, East London, West London and Central London.

Here is How the Cleaning Service Goes

Those are the steps of the professional deep cleaning of barbecues and grills we offer to our customers in London.

  1. The professional cleaners inspect the BBQ before starting the job. This aims to determine if the cooking appliance is working properly and if there are any damages.
  2. All removable parts are taken out and sprayed with detergent.
  3. Cleaning solution is sprayed all over the grill’s surfaces. The detergent is left for several minutes to soften the charred food and grime.
  4. The soft grime is hand-scraped off the BBQ and the removable parts.
  5. All surfaces and parts of the cooking appliance are wiped with antibacterial sanitizing detergent. This removes the last traces of harmful bacteria and formed mildew.
  6. The BBQ is cleaned outside and polished.
  7. The removable parts are put back to their places. Once the cleaning is done the BBQ could be placed in storage or light up if you wish to use it right away.

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