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Healthy Baking Tips

We know frying isn’t healthy but what about baking. Is the usage of an oven a guaranty for healthy food? Well, like with everything else, baking can be a good thing if some safety and healthy tips put into practice.

#1 Use parchment paper.baking paper

It can be purchased from every grocery store and it absorbs grease from meat and allows cookies and other bakeries not to stick on the bottom of the tin. An important element of the cooking with paper is not to wrinkle it. Just be careful, that should be more than enough. This is not something you can or cannot do but something you can learn and improve during the years.

N.B. Remember, baking paper absorbs fat and will decrease the chance of food to fry in it’s own juices. The paper also protects the baking sheets.

#2 You want your food well baked and cooked. It’s not healthy to have black, heavily cooked outer side and raw inside. In order to achieve it, lower the temperature inside the oven. That prevents big heat differences in different corners of the oven and therefore better cooking.

Other method to achieve even baking is by purchasing a convection oven or an aga oven. Their principle of work is completely different and they deliver the evenness we talk about.

#3 Use less oil or add it when your food is prepared. Especially if using extra virgin olive oil, that practice delivers fresh and specific taste to the meal which otherwise is lost, when oil is added at the beginning. Other benefit of course is the lack of even slightest frying.

clean the oven inside#4 Clean oven is a must for healthy cooking. Tastes may mix, bacteria may thrive and unpleasant smells of burnt grease to appear if the oven is badly or not clean at all.

These tips should provide you with the needed information to cook healthier in your house.

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