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We Really Are What Oven Cook And Eat


Oven Baked Meat With Veggies

We are what we eat. You probably have heard that many times. Professionals try to convince us how important healthy feeding is. What consequences there are for our bodies if we eat too much fat, processed food, fried but not oven baked meals and meals with too much sugar in them. It all sounds good but what does “we are what we eat” really mean?


  • Devitaminization

Let me share just one example of my life. I have a friend who goes to the gym quite often. He trains at least 2 times a week if not more. That keeps him in good shape. He feels good and you can tell that by the way he looks. However, he decided to eat only meat and no vegetables and fruits at all.His intention was to substitute that food with vitamin supplements and to use the cooker for nothing but baking meat. We argued for several minutes and he was convinced that these pills contain identical to the mother nature’s vitamins provided trough apples, lemons and other fruits and vegetables. In a month period, in which he was training quite intensively, he started to experience some unusual problems. His peripheral vision started to become weak. The doctors found his diet “guilty” for the condition. The moment he started to eat normally, his problems disappeared. Our bodies react differently to the organic and non organic vitamins and absorb and accept only the first type.

  • Lack of fat

Another of my friends had serious problems with her stomach and she had to eat according to a strict diet prescript by her dietologist. However, the diet included mostly oven baked or cooker prepared meals and almost no fat at all. In the first several days she was good. The diet was working and her aches were gone. However, in a week she started to become extremely angry and nervous. Later on we found that the lack of any fat in the meals was the reason why. The moment she started to eat normal oven baked and bbq grilled food, everything changed. She became calm and easy again.


Healthy Salad With Baked Meat

So, obviously “you are what you eat” is more than a slogan. It’s the real world. Therefore, what should we do in order to feel well? How to feed ourselves in a balanced way?

1. Veggies

Make sure there is enough amount of vegetables on your table. The more the better. If they are not oven baked but fresh, that would be even better.

2. Fruits

Although, many claim fruits should be eaten before the main course, i totally disagree. My personal experience shows that it’s better to have an apple after dinner but not before it. Fruits improve digestion. They also have just the perfect amount of natural sugar which can help your sugar balance.

3. Carbohydrate

This is where you can gain quite a lot of weight so be mindful of that. Three times a week your lunch can be just a salad and no carbohydrates. That will help your body clean.

4. Sweets

Huge amounts of added sugar, emulgators such as soya lecithin, sorbitan tristearate etc. are used to prepare these sweets. All of these are bad for your health. I know perfectly well how delicious these are and how tempting they look but if you want to feel good, try to reduce them to minimum.

5. Cooking

The way we cook is also very significant. Boiling and steaming are what we should do most. Baking is the next best thing and the last in the list is frying. However, you can add herbs and spices to your meals when baking in the oven or when boiling them and you’ll have your great taste. The same rich and mouthwatering touch to your senses can be achieved in an oven too. You just have to keep it clean and in overall good condition in order to have the tastes pure and the results won’t late. Perform an oven cleaning every month and keep the inside of the chamber and especially the heating elements clean. That prevents bad smells and it’s also a safety feature.

Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes are all bad for you in big quantities. Never abuse with these.


I hope our advices were useful and handy. See you next week when we will continue with our tips for better and healthier life.

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