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The Absolute Pre-Tenancy Banquet


Banquet table

Do you believe in superstitions? Are you one of those people afraid of black cats, ladders and the number 13? If you are, then you probably have heard about another superstition – to organize a banquet when you change a tenancy. The idea is to invite your closest people and have a drink or two with them. This idea of giving when purchase something expensive is quite popular. You can show your friends the place and have a laugh.


  • How to do it the right way?

Clean around! You want the new place to look as good as possible. Each and every room should receive a decent amount of care and cleansing. Start with the bedrooms, the carpets and the curtains. Furniture and walls can also be cleaned but they are not a must. However, the bathroom is. Make sure it’s sparkling. That’s a matter of hygiene and will deliver more comfort to your guests. It will also make a much better impression about yourself.

The kitchen must be cleaned too. All appliances, the extractor, the sink and the fridge should be put in order. We advice you to use green cleaning solutions for the job. They are safer, equally pricy and allow the cooking to start right after the cleaning, which in the case is a significant benefit. After all, you have not much time.

amazing kitchen

Clean kitchen


How to clean an oven?

The cooker should be well cleaned if we don’t want the kitchen and the rest of the property to smell funny. All burns and grease spills have to be removed in advance. That’s healthier too.

Once the whole place is sparkling, write down a list with the guests and add personal notes about each one of them. What they drink, what they like and what are they like. Each detail can be and will be helpful. Try hard to satisfy the expectation and the needs of your guests.


  • The menu

A simple cocktail menu with sandwiches and crackers to go with the drinks is more then enough. A full course meal is unnecessary. Do not focus too much on the meals and do not make them complicated. Make them delicious and make enough of them. That’s it. You want the guests happy not amazed or uncomfy. The fancier your food is, the higher the expectations from the guests are. That can easily put them in uncomfortable situation and you don’t want that. Keep it simple with the finger foods. If you cannot come up with anything put cheese, cut fruits and crackers. They’ll love it.


  • DIY appetizer- steamed broccoli and carrots with sauce.


    carrots and vegetables as a side dish

An excellent and easy to prepare side dish. Steam the vegetables for 30 minutes and prepare a sauce out of garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Leave the vegetables in the sauce for 8 hours and taste them afterwards. If you think the taste is good, move them to another dish to lose some of it.

Tip: if you want to invite many guests and you’re not sure if you have enough space for them, group them and make two small parties instead of one.


I hope you like the article. Check again next week, when we will add more interesting facts and tips for your home and kitchen.

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