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Temperature Distribution In Different Ovens

Here is our first post about the ovens in our homes. The question we will answer today is: what are the different types of cookers and how to maintain them properly?

There are two different types of cookers out on the market today – conventional and convection ones.

convention oven

convention oven

convenction oven

Convenction oven

Convection ovens differ from our old ones with their fans. They create air circulation spirals which improve cooking and baking dramatically. Hot air is distributed evenly allowing cooking on lower temperatures.

Convention ovens rely primarily on radiation blasted from the oven walls. Heat main sources are placed at the top and the bottom of the machine, which is why our meals are precooked at the top and the bottom most often.

How to overcome the basic disadvantages of conventional ovens?

There is one simple and tested method – lower the temperature and cook patiently. Don’t rush the process. It takes more time but the meal comes better and even cooked which is healthier. Give yourself an hour extra to prepare the dinner and the results will be obvious.

How to know if the temperature is too high or too low?

Modern ovens have thermometers but these are not 100% accurate. My advice is to purchase mercury oven thermometer. They’re accurate and will give you idea about the heat inside the cooker.


Maintenance! For easier cleaning you may:

  •  place a layer of aluminium foil at the bottom of the stove. This way even if some sauce drops on it, it’ll not smell bad and the cleaning will be easier and faster.
  • use degreaser for the window of the oven. If that one is transparent enough, you’ll not have to open it constantly and check the meal, but look trough the window. Obvious i know, but very important.
  • After using chemical cleaners, always turn the cooker on for at least 15 minutes. This way you will know it’s well disinfected.


I hope my post was helpful. For more information, check our official “Professional Oven Care” blog next week.

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