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What it Takes to Own a Succesfull Eatery

Happy Bartender in a RestaurantRestaurant business is profitable, interesting and constantly changing. It’s definitely not rocket science but it’s specific and there are rules which each successful manager and owner of such establishment follows.





The 8 rules of the successful restauranteur

1. Treat your clients as guests. No matter how much money they have, how good or bad do they look and how they speak, welcome them and show personal approach and interest to each of them.

2. Cleanness

Hygiene is crucial to such places. You may have old wooden benches instead of chairs and old curtains on the windows but if everything is clean and well maintained that will be comfort and atmosphere not misery.

Hygiene in the kitchen is even more important. It guarantees the health of your clients and therefore your image. You depend on your name and bad image will ruin your restaurant just after ruining the health of several people before that. So:

  • Clean the ovens every week. There are spills and spillages everyday. These burn, smell bad and smoke and your client will like none of that.
  • The fridges. It’s possible, for less professional cooks, to forget food in the fridges. In order for that not to happen, always want them to label to food and the expire date.
  • Clean shelves, bars and service areas. No matter if it’s about table cloths, chairs, curtains or the floor, everything must be clean.

3. Menu.

Your guests will come for your food and no matter how good the service is, how clean everything is, if the food isn’t delicious you have no chance of success. It doesn’t have to be complicated french gourmet but it has to be delicious.

4. Prices.

Think about your target group and set the prices according to them. Profit is important but the best way to have it is by increasing the quantity and not the prices.

5. Marketing.

Build your own identity. See what you can do best and advertise it. Make people remember and associate your restaurant with it. Whether it is the food, the drinks, the friendly staff you decide. No matter what it is, try to separate from the others.

6. Respect your staff and show that appreciation

7. Work harder than anyone else in the restaurant.

8. Love what you do and show that love your guests. Smile to them, listen to them, communicate with them. Make sure they know you care and give your best.

Here is a great example of how all of that can happen.

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