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Oldest Functioning Oven in Europe

Which is the oldest oven in Europe? Where can you see it and what type of people are working with it?

The oldest, still functioning wood fired oven in the world can be seen in Spain. It was created in 1246 in a small village which name sounds like Forchal. Some years ago a few immigrants from Bulgaria asked the local authorities if they can start their own business in it. The locals agreed and with some help from an EU program specially created to help people in need, they allowed them to start their own business and make their own money.

oldest oven

The main goal was to allow these people to feed their families and to take care over the oven. The three friends repaired the oven and are now working in it. They hope they’ll expand their business and will soon be able to increase the amount of bread also the quality of their production.
oldest oven 1

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