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Gain Weight With Oven Cooked Meals, Regime and Trainings


Healthy oven baked food

Hello and welcome to our blog. Today our topic is the healthy living and eating and the ways we can gain weight when we want and need to.

Gaining weight is quite complicated for some people. I was one of those people and have to admit, it required more than just proper feeding. It’s a long process which involves a strict regime, proper cooking and knowledge about the way our body functions, time and efforts. Today, we will focus on one unpopular side of the healthy eating – the weight gaining.


Why may someone want to gain weight?

Despite the popular opinion that most people have overweight problems, there are few among us who need to put some mass on. That stabilizes blood pressure and improves heart rate. It’s good for the brain and the overall functioning of the body. It has direct impact on self confidence too. It’s proven that people who are too skinny have immune system problems more often, as well. That’s why average build is the goal to go for.


How to gain weight?

Now when we have the motivation and the science behind us, we need to find the way to gain weight. It’s a complex procedure though. I know that it may sound strange but actually, for the people with fast metabolism, simply eating more food with lots of fat in it isn’t enough.


Oven cooked food

Well cooked food is essential. Fried and processed food should be avoided. Do your best to have a rich and full weekly menu, with no alcohol and fried products. On the contrary, baked and boiled food should predominate. Oven cooking is also easier to prevent burns and carbon build ups. That makes oven baking even healthier.

Tip: Make sure your cooker is clean when using it. That will prevent mixing smells but also allow you to have more control when cooking and improve the healthy effect. We recommend the inside chamber of the cooker to be cleaned with green solutions and to be very careful not to damage the fan for the convection function of the stove.


Baking is the way to go



If your body does not want to gain weight and simply ignores all the food you deliver to it, make it need the food. That’s easy with some trainings. How does it work? Start your training with a bit of cardio. You need a good warm up and very little weights (if you train in the gym). Continue with the strategy for at least two weeks, so that your body can adapt to the new regime. Once you feel in shape, start adding weights. The idea behind it is to put enough pressure on your muscles so the tissue can tear. After training your muscle links should be longer. Right after training you need healthy and nutritious food. It’ll deliver everything your body needs to regenerate. During that process you muscles will start to grow and you will gain weight.


Stay calm

Its extremely important to stay calm. All sorts of stress will effect your body in a negative way. You also have to provide your body with enough sleep. This is when your muscles regenerate most, so make sure you have a nice long sleep every night.

keep calm

Less stress for longer and better life.


If you smoke, stop!

It has negative effect on your appetite.

quit smoking

Quit smoking


Proper regime

Eating regime is significant. It’s of no use to eat and not digest most of it.

  • You need to start with a salad of fresh vegetables. If that is not possible, at least add veggies to your main dish. They improve your digestion a lot.
  • The main dish should include meat and potatoes or rice or other type of carbohydrate.
  • Your desert should include a fruit.
  • Drink at least a liter and half of water a day. After training, make sure you drink a minimum of 200 to 300 ml of water. This sort of regime should continue for several months and in the end, i can assure you, your body will be bigger and you will feel more confident and be healthier.


I hope you liked this weeks post. Leave your comment in the comment section and come again next week for more tips on healthy eating, cooking and how all that can be achieved in our modern lives.

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