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Proven Ways To Prolong Your Oven’s Lifetime

January 23rd, 2021

Whether you are a MasterChef wannabe, an avid baker, or simply your children’s personal cook, you will end up relying heavily on your oven. 

4 Ideas for Quick and Clean Oven Meals

August 11th, 2015

As we all know, summer is the season of diets, vacations, fit bodies, and green smoothies. We witness it on the streets, the internet and even in our own homes. We try to squeeze every spare minute of free time and overlook most of the cooking and cleaning duties we’d normally do on a colder […]

Oldest Functioning Oven in Europe

January 23rd, 2015

Which is the oldest oven in Europe? Where can you see it and what type of people are working with it? The oldest, still functioning wood fired oven in the world can be seen in Spain. It was created in 1246 in a small village which name sounds like Forchal. Some years ago a few […]

Kitchen Safety Regulations and Tips

December 4th, 2014

Hallo and welcome to our blog. Today we’ll focus our attention on kitchen safety. We’ll try to explain it’s importance and the different aspects of it along with some tips to achieve it easier and faster. First, let us check the statistics, shall we? Each year kitchen related injuries and accidents cause the death of […]

Gain Weight With Oven Cooked Meals, Regime and Trainings

November 19th, 2014

Hello and welcome to our blog. Today our topic is the healthy living and eating and the ways we can gain weight when we want and need to. Gaining weight is quite complicated for some people. I was one of those people and have to admit, it required more than just proper feeding. It’s a […]

We Really Are What Oven Cook And Eat

November 12th, 2014

We are what we eat. You probably have heard that many times. Professionals try to convince us how important healthy feeding is. What consequences there are for our bodies if we eat too much fat, processed food, fried but not oven baked meals and meals with too much sugar in them. It all sounds good […]

What Are Oven Cleaning Checklists

November 5th, 2014

Hello and welcome to our blog again. This week we continue explaining the little details of our work in order to make you feel more comfortable during our job and help you understand in better details the oven cleaning as a service. Today, we’ll talk about the checklists which we use to guarantee the high […]

Toaster Ovens, Cleaning and Healthy Feeding in London Offices

October 28th, 2014

  Office work is notorious for bad eating habits of most workers involved. It’s a common knowledge fast food combined with very little physical efforts and dusty and polluted office air are all part of the working environment. In a search of healthier living more and more people abandon their cars and go to work […]

What Do You Really Get With Oven Cleaning in London

October 22nd, 2014

Hello and welcome to our blog. Today we’ll answer the most commonly asked questions which our clients have. Here they are: 1. Why should i clean the oven at all? What can possibly get dirty in it? Well, that’s usually a question asked by someone not completely familiar with cooking and all the spills and […]

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger Thanks to Oven Baked Food

October 14th, 2014

Do we realize how much of that “you are what you eat” mantra is true? What is the actual impact of the food on the way we look and we feel? What are the best ways to prepare food according to the goals we want to achieve? Every physical process in our bodies can be […]