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Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger Thanks to Oven Baked Food

fitness food

Healthy Fitness Food

Do we realize how much of that “you are what you eat” mantra is true? What is the actual impact of the food on the way we look and we feel? What are the best ways to prepare food according to the goals we want to achieve?

Every physical process in our bodies can be changed with a special diet and eating regime.


  • Bigger – What should we eat to gain weight?

Usually, the people who have difficulties to gain weight have fast metabolism. There are two main cures for that – calmness and proper regime.

– It’s a proven fact that married and older men gain weight faster. One reason for it is the calmness and security which they feel with the years and the time which most wives spend around the cooker. So, if you want to gain weight, you should cool down and take it easier.

– Proper regime includes eating 5 times a day and trainings 3 times a week. We can force our bodies to develop with similar lifestyle. When they need to grow and we give them the food and the rest to stimulate that growth that is possible.

How does it work?

With trainings we tear the muscle fibers. Then, when they start to grow, they get bigger. That additional tissue is much heavier than fat and the more we make of it, the more weight we gain. It’s mainly made of protein which we can find in meat, cheese, peas and corn. That is why after each training we should eat in less then an hour and the meal should be appropriate and adequate to the goals we have.Baked foods are a great choice.You need to spend little time in front of the oven and the results are worth it. On top of that, oven cleaning and oven maintenance is easier and faster than other appliances cleaning.

  • Better – our mental development can be also affected by the food we eat.

Fish – omega 3 and vitamin B6 help for our memory and improve blood pressure which is essential for our mental capabilities.

Garlic and olive oil also help our brain. They benefit for better neuron connections which is directly linked to the way we use our brain. The more connections there are, the more of our brain we can use. All of that is again thanks to trainings – reading in this case and proper food. Actually, we can think about our brain in the same way as for our muscles. We have to train it, feed it and let it rest. That is why we need to eat more baked and boiled foods instead of fried ones. Our ovens today can be time adjusted so we can prepare the meals during the training and have it ready when we finish.

fish healthy

Healthy Oven Baked Fish

  • Faster

When losing or gaining weight, our body functions improperly and prepares for something which isn’t going to happen. In order to move faster we should limit the amount of frying and the different types of fats. We also should eat more regularly. Our body gains more weight because it “thinks” it will need it. This is how the “yo-yo” effect works. We starve for some time and when we start eating, our body decides to create some reserves for the next starving and we gain weight again. We have to eat 3 to 5 times a day, do some sports or even domestic or oven cleaning and reduce the amount of fat and alcohol. All of that will have a dramatic effect on the way we feel and look.

  • Stronger – a consequence of everything.

Healthy lifestyle

Follow some of the tips given by dietologists and professional oven cleaners from London here and more importantly, try to understand how your body works and apply the proper food to it. You will see a huge difference only by changing one or two of your regular meals.


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