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4 Ideas for Quick and Clean Oven Meals

Dish with delicious summer salad

A delicious summer meal for the whole family

As we all know, summer is the season of diets, vacations, fit bodies, and green smoothies. We witness it on the streets, the internet and even in our own homes. We try to squeeze every spare minute of free time and overlook most of the cooking and cleaning duties we’d normally do on a colder month, as regularly cleaning the stove for example. In this time of the year quick and healthy meals are an absolute must.

But there comes a day where enough is enough – we are sick of eating carrots and we finally decide to clean everything up. Fast forward. The kitchen is spotless, fresh air comes trough the open window and with it a scent of barbecue and grilled ribs. At this point the angry feeling you get threatens to ruin your holiday – you are about to ruin your precious diet and make a mess again. But have no worries, friend, we at Professional Oven Care know how you feel and we have some meal ideas for you. There are quite a lot of things that could be prepared fast and clean, so your free time and your spotless cooker could stay unharmed. Here are some of them:

Foil-packed-all-in-one meal

If you are looking for a meal this healthy dinner idea is a favourite of many. It is easy, quick, but more importantly it is quite adaptable. It’s every housewife’s dream. We know that the foil works great for baked fish but you can literally add everything you want in the foil cup. Most usable ingredients are:

  • potatoes,
  • carrots,
  • onions,
  • sausage

The possibilities are endless and the meals are not heavy whatsoever. The best part of it is that the foil will prevent sauce leaks and your oven will remain clean and ready to be used again.

Pulled apart bread

The pulled apart bread is famous, but maybe a bit underrated, maybe because it looks like a lot of work. But we promise you that you don’t need to make your own dough in order to get a delicious result. An ordinary pizza dough will do the job. Your hands will get dirty, but your oven won’t. Add some herbs, garlic and cheese, bake it in the kitchen range and you’re all set. It is a warm and rich flavoured deliciousness for every season, especially if you have cravings for quality food.

And while we’re on the bread…

Here’s another amazing meal idea for a clean oven. This is for the super-lazy you. The bowls require almost no preparation time and zero cleaning as the bread top seals everything inside. It is perfect for the office or school lunch and you can make it for home parties as well.

Just a tip: wrap the bowls in foil and bake them this way almost until the end. This will ensure that the bread won’t burn before the egg is cooked.

Tasty egg muffins

The thing we love about muffin forms is that you can use them for more than the classic muffins. They keep everything in place and it’s almost impossible to get your oven dirty again. If you change the ingredients just a bit you will make a delicious, quick, and healthy lunch or dinner. You don’t need much, the ingredients are probably in your fridge at this very moment – eggs, tomatoes, bell pepper, onion and, of course, herbs.

We truly believe that we should get the most out of the warm months and cook our food faster and smarter. After all, we live once and it’s important to be healthy. Keeping our ovens clean takes a big role in this, as we all know that the dirty oven equals healthy risk. In the same time, we shouldn’t waste our whole time for the activity and it’s the best if we leave it to the professionals.

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