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12 Clever Healthy Tricks That Will Ease Your Kitchen Life

kitchen What’s cooking up in the kitchen?

As good as you can actually be in the kitchen, there are surely things that can make it easier for you, as well as things you never even suspected. That’s why the Professional Oven Care Team offers you 12 clever tricks for healthy and smart cooking and preservation of products.

Wrap Banana Stems With Foil


bananas on the market Bananas darken really fast – let’s put this off for a while.

Covering the upper part of the bananas in a nylon bag or transparent foil will keep them fresh for longer. The reason is that the natural ethylene which the fruits use to grow, can be found in the stem. Wrapping it with foil does not allow for the ethylene to reach the rest of the banana. In order to amplify the effect, you can split the bananas and wrap each stem separately.


Put an Apple Together with Potatoes

potato spruds Prevent the early appearance of the spruds by placing a fresh apple together with the potatoes.


An American study reveals that the apple keeps potatoes in a good condition and prevents appearance of sprouts. If you store potatoes in a bag without an apple, in just a few weeks the potatoes will start germinating. In a bag with an apple, however, the potatoes can stay in their normal condition for around two months.


Give your veggies a cold bath

veggies in a bowl srcset= Wash these in icy water and freshen them up!


The veggies seem to you slightly withered? Give them a refreshing cold bath. In a matter of minutes the process of osmosis will rehydrate the waning plant cells and make them as good as new. Apart from that a quick bath is always useful to get rid of the dirt and the pesticide remains.


Check easy whether an avocado’s ripe


avocado fruit Avocado can be a pain to define whether it is ripe or not, except if you don’t apply this simple trick.

The avocado ripeness can be quite hard to define. That’s why you should remove the stem and have a look. The dark-brown smudge on the stem means that the fruit is too ripe, whereas the bright yellow-greenish one – ready for consumption. If you eat just half of it, rub a little bit of lemon juice on the other side and seal it in a bag so that it avoids darkening.


Keep tomato stems


a lot of tomatoes How often did you throw out the stem unknowingly that it can be good for the tomato?

Like bananas, the life of tomatoes can also be extended by keeping the freshness of their stems. Never keep the tomatoes in the fridge, because the stems will dry and the tomatoes will lose their aromatic qualities.


Floss it perfectly


a perfectly sliced cake A perfectly sliced cake needs mastery – why not cheat a bit with a simple floss?

Aren’t you mad when you try to cut a nice piece of cheese or cake, but the result is never as you imagined it? Next time stack up on unscented floss and your pieces will be perfect!


Eliminate fats with ice


soup Even if we put a tiny bit of oil, it always seems to be too much for a soup. Luckily, there’s always a way out.

Next time you cook a soup or a stew, add a few ice cubes to the mixture. You will see that the thick oil particles will swim on the surface. Gather them and enjoy your meal.


Prevent boiling over


If you are busy in the kitchen and you are worried about the milk you left on the hob, place a wooden spoon crosswise the skillet.


Make the indoor plants happy


Instead of throwing out the water you use to boil pasta or potatoes, leave it to cool down water the flower pots at home. The water contains a lot of nutrients, from which the plants will surely benefit.


Use celery for the old bread


celery sticks Apart from being quite healthy, celery sticks can revive bread, too.

If you got half a bread, which is no good for eating any longer, do not fall into despair! Add a celery leaf in the bread bag overnight. It will absorb the moisture from the celery and will be as good as new in the morning.


Keep the salad fresh with a bit of paper


If you made salad for later, cover the vegetables with a piece of regular paper. Then wrap the bowl with transparent foil to keep the freshness from running away.


Use lemons when cooking fish


fish with lemons Delicious fish is best served with…and cooked…on lemons.

If you often cook fish, you surely know that it usually sticks to every surface it cooks on. Next time put it on a bed of fresh lemons. It will take in the pleasant flavour and will get inside your plate much easier.

Professional Oven Care staff advices cooking in a sanitised environment. That includes a polished oven and well-wiped kitchen shelves. Cleaning your cooker is important, because burnt-on grease and food leftovers can detriment your meal quality and are also a source of bacteria and microbes. What’s more, the grime can prevent your stove from heating fast, resulting in higher electricity costs. Therefore, it’s quite useful to have your oven professionally cleaned at least twice per year.