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Professional Oven Maintenance in Westminster SW1

Keep your beautiful kitchen impeccable at all times with our oven cleaning service. The well trained and experienced oven cleaning professionals Westminster SW1 can take the tiresome chore off your hands. Enjoy the improved taste of your cooking and become our next happy regular client.

Our Oven Cleaning Service Benefits are Your Benefits

  • Keep your kitchen hazardous free and healthy
  • We give you the free time you need
  • Book an extra service and get even bigger discount
  • Full range of kitchen appliances maintenance
  • Valeting service is performed by professional oven cleaners
  • We also cover Knightsbridge

Our Oven Service in Westminster Cleaning Steps

Here are the basic steps of our professional oven cleaning service. The maintenance is performed by fully vetted and insured cleaners.

  1. The professional oven cleaners arrive and bring their entire equipment for the service. They travel by car and will need a parking space in Westminster EC, NW, SW, W, WC for the duration of the service near your home.
  2. The cleaners turn on the oven to check if there are any damages.
  3. The counters, drawers, cupboards and all other surfaces near the stove are covered. This is done to protect them from any kind of damage, filth and detergents during the service.
  4. The dip tank is filled with a cleaning solution of detergent and water. This cleaning method is used because it gives the best results and holds no chance for damage on the cleaned surfaces.
  5. All removable parts (trays, grills, control knobs, hobs, etc.) are soaked in the dip tank for a prolonged time.
  6. The oven door is disassembled and sprayed with detergent.
  7. The walls of the oven are sprayed with detergent and left to soak.
  8. The removable parts are taken out of the dip tank and the grime and burned food is scraped out manually. Instead of applying pressure when scrubbing the resilient stains, the professional cleaners return the part back to the dip tank to soak. This trick prevents accidental scratches on the surface and promises a better result.
  9. When all removable parts and the oven’s door are cleaned from the grime, they are rinsed with water and left to dry.
  10. The oven is scrubbed until all charred cooking and layers of grease fall off. The used detergents allow this to happen in just a few minutes. The oven is washed with wet towels to remove the last traces of cleaning solution.
  11. All removable parts are dried with towels and returned to their places.
  12. The stove is cleaned and polished on the outside. The last step of the cleaning procedure is the test of the cooker.
  13. The cooktop and the oven are turned on and checked if they work properly. This is the moment when the client can assess the work.
  14. At the end of the service, the professionals always collect their trash and wipe the zones around the oven to remove all accidental drops of detergent or dirt.

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