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Oven Valeting Service Can Increase Property Values in Kensington SW7, SW5

There is no secret that in order to achieve a high-quality result you need well trained and experienced professionals. Our years of experience in the oven cleaning services in Kensington SW7 and SW5 can help you make your oven spotless again. Try our additional services and bring back life to all your kitchen appliances and BBQ.

5 Essential Oven Cleaning Benefits

1. Dip tank deluxe cleaning method

This cleaning method is specially created to wash away all traces of charred food, mildew and harmful bacteria. After the extended soaking in a cleaning solution, the grime is easily removed without any danger of damaging the appliance’s surface during the manual cleaning. As a result, the professional Kensington oven cleaners can give you a cooker glowing of freshness.

2. Child and pet-friendly cleaning methods with our Kensington service

We went the extra mile when choosing the detergents. The main requirement was for them to be child and pet safe. Our extended research and tests lead us to the ultimate cleaning products. Additional protection to our client’s family is the extended rinse with water the cleaners give to all stove removable parts. The cleaning service ends with the test of the cleaned cooker. Our oven cleaning method is safe enough for you to start cooking right away after the service is done.

3. Fresh smell

Do you remember how your oven smelled the last time you opened the door? What if we tell you that there is something worse than the bad smell. That is the whatever created the stench. We are talking about the greasy layers that you can feel with your fingers on the walls and in the corners of your oven. You can even see them when the mildew grows. Regular professional oven cleaning prevents the forming of harmful bacteria and mould. Act now and protect your family. We can remove the causes of bad smell and make your cooking appliances sparkling clean.

4. Lower energy consumption

Clean appliances need less energy to work. The grime takes away the cooking heat and the oven need more time and energy to reach the desired cooking temperature. For example, if a clean stove needs 15 minutes to reach the temperature you need, then a dirty one will need twice the time. Our tip for you is to take advantage of our oven valeting offers and make your home energy efficient. Book now and save even more money with our current discounts.

5. Extra services cleaning services in Kensington

We offer you free inspection before the booking. This way you have all necessary information on the state of your appliance. When you book an oven cleaning, the cleaners may perform small fixes on your stove during the service. In case, the damage is larger you will be advised on what actions to take or be offered a repair service.

During our oven inspection, we can offer you the best maintenance services to all your cooking appliance and cookware. Some of the extra services you can book include BBQ cleaning, fridge and freezer valeting, all cooking and washing kitchen appliance maintenance.

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