SERVICE AVAILABLE EVERY DAY NO extra charges on Weekends and Holidays
ECO FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS Pregnancy and pet safe
USE YOUR APPLIANCES RIGHT AWAY Oven is safe to use and fully operational
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24/7 Oven Cleaning Bookings in Chelsea SW3 - SW10

Life lately requires us to be ready for action every day and all day long. It’s difficult to be up to speed at work, have a great social life and relationship and in the same time have a sparkling house. We can help you with one of those things. Our 24/7 open chat and call centre can make your oven cleaning service booking for Chelsea SW3-SW10 easier than ever. Have more free time for yourself and your loved ones by letting us maintain your kitchen appliance on a regular basis. Our latest cleaning methods bring down the oven service time to a couple of hours. This means that you can save time and effort for an affordable price. Read on and see how.

Professional Oven Maintenance Benefits

#1 Child and pet safe detergents
#2 Use your oven right away
#3  No toxins left on your appliance
#4 Upon request you can get extra cleaning service for all kitchen appliances alongside the oven cleansingbbq, fridge and all kitchen appliances
#5 No more bad smell

Here is What Professional Oven Cleaners Do

  • The cleaning team arrives fully equipped for the service. The equipment is heavy and bulky, so the cleaners always travel by car. That is why we ask our clients to provide a parking spot in Chelsea SW3, SW10 for the duration of the service.
  • The first step in the cleaning process is an assessment of the stove’s condition and marking down all visible damages. This is done so that we can advice the owner, if there are any repairs needed. Using broken appliance can cause fire and be hazardous for the health.
  • The oven cleaning starts with covering the area around the stove. This way the surfaces are protected from manual damages and the detergents. It also makes it easier for the professionals to clear away their equipment and trash at the end of the oven valeting service.
  • All removable parts and hobs are placed in a dip tank and covered with cleaning solution. After a few minutes of soaking the grime is removed. The parts are washed with water and dried with towels.
  • The oven door is disassembled and sprayed with detergent, cleaned and dried.
  • The oven is sprayed with detergent inside. Several minutes later the cleaning solution is washed and the oven is dried with towels.
  • The next step of the cleaning process is to return all removable parts and the cooker hobs back to their places and reassemble the door.
  • The cooker is washed and polished outside.
  • Finally, the oven and the hobs are tested again. This is when the client can give comments on the cleaner’s work. All feedback can help us to improve our service even more.

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Our call centre operators can answer your questions on the oven cleaning services in Chelsea. Contact them 24/7 on 020 3746 3123 or open chat and hear the latest discounts and individual quota we provide. You can make the booking by yourself with our free online booking form.

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